Mind Mapper:

Find Your Godself Within;
Get Control Over Overwhelm

Access my FREE Masterclass to help you dismiss your artificial thinking and reveal your higher self.

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Mind Mapper:

Find Your Godself Within; Get Control Over Overwhelm

Access my FREE Masterclass to help you dismiss your artificial thinking and reveal your higher self.

Access the FREE Masterclass Now

Does your brain overreact?

Does it shut down your enthusiasm for its next challenge?

Do you get overwhelmed, making haste of your sweetest moments, only to bring stress when you could deliver victories?

Are you tired of feeling inadequate to the challenges in front of you? 

Here’s why.  It’s your AI mind. 

Artificial intelligence depends on rote elements to learn.  You do, too.  Unknown to you, however, are all the hidden, emotional cuts imprinted on you since birth.  These patterns are numerous and recess without notice.  When triggered, your AI mind takes off without warning, and it’s out of your conscious control.  But there is a way to resolve that interference.  You can connect to your Godself and find a profound power, transcending that little box of limitations.

Settle your AI thinking with a higher view.

Finding your higher self changes your inner filters. Instead of seeing through the kaleidoscope of past imprints, the Godself has a transcendent frame of reference.  One that alters the way you see your circumstances. Your higher mind gives to what is natural to you. It reveals a spiritual self-view, which originated before you were born.  This filter provides clear leadership and affluence of heart.  In other words, your Godself dwells above the chaos.

Here’s the truth: the lionhearted is a fierce competitor.  Giving equally to what’s essential to love: a love of self, a love towards life, and doing what is kind to the soul - like drawing from your original power, not your wounds.  You, too, can brim with courage and bravery that alters the world's cancers so they fall like bullets against steel.  You can make changes just by making one new decision: Reverse the self-damage from your inner critic and turn inflicting harmful thoughts into new sensations of Self-revival. 

Your higher power awaits.  Tap the wellspring here.

What’s waiting for you inside

When you access my FREE Masterclass,you’ll learn …


What is the Godself? And how to “see” it.

Find a Consciousness Beyond Thought: Access Source knowledge for emotional stability and self-love and to build abundant, authentic inner power.

What’s the Problem with the AI Mind? How does it limit you? Learn tricks to calm chaos in your head, make quicker decisions, and quell anxious memories.

What is a “Collective” in the Mind? How does it cause the brain to malfunction?

“Allow” Source:  Find the inner eye of the storm by setting aside your AI mind

If You’re Not Your Thoughts, What Are You? How to recognize the true self: the 9-part journey.

Why you’ll love this Masterclass

When you quiet your AI mind, you’ll gain…

Self Awareness 

Find a clear sense of self in your doing and being.  Observe the collective mind that gets frenzied, impatient, and scattered.

Released Potential

Feelings and emotions are not the same things.  When you connect to what’s really you, rather than reacting to feelings with default emotions, you open yourself to growth without fighting the changes. Which gives you energy and builds fortitude.

Release from Overwhelm

Calm the chaos. You can’t avoid it, this world is too complex, but you can recognize when your thoughts are ungrounded, and reorient to Source.


Full self-awareness, quieting the mind that overwhelms you, and observing your defensive state of being allows you to flow through the hard stuff.  Connecting to that inner being can recover your potential that’s buried behind wounded over-protection.

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Hi, I’m Sondra — Source Communicator & Godscribe.

For decades, I wrestled with the relentless grip of depression, all while seemingly thriving in the fast-paced world of New York City as a successful photographer. Then, in a single, devastating Christmas season, I lost my job and the love of my life, sending me into a spiral of despair at 39. 

But in that darkest hour, as I poured my heart into my journal, an unseen force took control of my pen, delivering words I hadn't written: 'Unemployed? It is my assertion you are employed by me.' It was a divine message I couldn't ignore.

This marked the beginning of a year-long journey of solitude, during which I filled ten notebooks with conversations with this enigmatic voice, one that seemed to possess the wisdom of the universe. 

My life transformed when I reemerged from this experience. I found love, pursued a new career, and continued seeking guidance from this inner source for every facet of my life. 

Now, my mission is crystal clear: to guide you on a transformational journey, unlocking your inner potential, connecting you with your true self, and reigniting the joy and clarity that life can offer.

Beyond Your Thoughts Awaits the Power of Your Higher Mind

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